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UPS Battery Kit 2 (replacement for APC RBC2)





This Panasonic battery is a great replacement battery for your UPS, with a top quality battery, a great price and with a 24 months guarantee.

Installation: Simply swap this battery with the old battery.

$49 including GST

UPS Battery Kit 2 contains one Panasonic battery



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Guarantee: 24 Months

Our Panasonic UPS Replacement Battery Kits are backed by us with a comprehensive two-year warranty. This warranty exceeds the standard warranty from other battery suppliers.

Why Panasonic?

Not all Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are the same. Battery life, quality & performance can vary widely between brands due to: design, component selection, quality of materials, production methods, quality control, environmental operation conditions & cycling profile.
When you select Panasonic VRLA batteries, you can be assured that only the best quality materials, components and manufacturing techniques have been used. Panasonic will not sacrifice quality for cost.

Please note: APC & RBC are registered trade marks of American Power Conversion Corporation and RECELL Ltd use them for reference purposes only.