If your alarm is beeping for a new battery or you have not replaced the battery in the last 5 years save the expensive callout charge and replace the battery yourself.

These batteries are ideal for all alarm systems and will replace any make of battery currently fitted including CSB, Haze and Yuasa. These batteries replace 12v 7Ah, 12v 7.2Ah and 12v 7.5Ah batteries.

RITAR 12v 7Ah SLA battery for Alarm Systems


$39 including GST



This quality battery is a great price and is dispatched by overnight courier.

5 year design life

12 months guarantee





PANASONIC 12v 7.2Ah SLA battery for Alarm Systems *Best Seller

  • Specifications:
  • Model: LC-R127R2P
  • Volts: 12
  • Amps: 7.2
  • Size: 151(L) x 65(W) x 92(H)mm
  • Terminals: F1 tags 4.7mm wide
  • Weight: 2.47Kg
  • SLA Chemistry
  • Data Sheet
  • Applications:  Alarm, Standby or Cyclic Applications
  • Guarantee: 24 Months

$49 including GST



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5 year design life

24 Months guarantee