Brand new 18v XRP batteries for Dewalt power tools

High quality power tool batteries at low cost prices. All of our replacement power tool batteries are brand new. 
Full 1 year warranty on all power tool batteries, the batteries are 100% compatible with their matching power tool models.


  • Brand new Dewalt 18v XRP Battery

  • Fits Dewalt Tools:  DW073K,  DW2PAK2,  DW4KIT2,  DW5KIT2,  DW908,  DW919,  DW929K-2,  DW932K,  DW933,   K,   K-2,  DW936,   K,  DW938,  K,  K-2,  DW958K-2,DW987K-2,  DW988K-2,   KJ-2,   KR-2,   KS-2,  DW989K-2,  DW995B,   K-2,  DW997K-2,  DW998K-2,   KW,  & DW999K-2,  BLACK & DECKER: HP 932K-2
  • Replaces Dewalt original battery: DE9095 ,   DW9095 ,  DE9096 ,   DE9098
  • Guarantee: 12 months

$148 including GST




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