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CENTURY GEL DEEP CYCLE (Gel valve regulated sealed battery)

Century battery features:
Fully sealed - non spillable Gel design
Maintenance free
Gel technology - superior vibration resistance
Carry convenience - pre-fitted handles to lift and place with ease

Battery Volts20Hr10Hr5HrLength mmWidth mmHeight mm Weight (Kg)Terminal type
GU1H 12 322925211130184 11Lug
GDC3312 332925195130170 11Insert M6
GDC40 12 403631198165171 14Insert M6
GDC78 12 787060260169220 24Insert M6
GDC11012 110 9985330172225 31Insert M6
GDC150 12 150135116490170245 46Insert M6
GDC23212 232209180522270249 70Insert M6