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CENTURY DEEP CYCLE (Wet / flooded batteries)

Century’s Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to provide longer life performance when continually discharged and recharged, delivering energy for extended periods of time, without sustaining life shortening damage such use would cause to a standard automotive battery.
For steady power over a long period of time a Deep Cycle battery is your best choice.

Typical applications include: Mobility Scooters, Golf Carts, Camper Vans, Portable Lifting Equipment, Solar Heating, Hunting Spot Lighting, Marine Auxiliary Equipment, Remote Area Power Systems, Portable Roading Systems, Inverter Integrated Systems, Portable Communication Systems

Battery modelVolts 20Hr10Hr 5HrLength mm Width mmHeight mm Weight (Kg)
6 10592 82 228173205 14
1250 4439 235175210 15
12756660 30517522522
12857568 26017122519
121008780 30516822724
1211510092 32717124828
12180158 14351722124952
12240211 18752027524568

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